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July 14, 2021


Welcome to a new financial year!

You may have revitalised your plans and activities to expand your business or reinforce it.  If you are thinking of adding a new NDIS service group here are some tips on how to do this efficiently:

  • The quickest way is if you have an audit scheduled, requesting your auditor to include the new service group and they will communicate this to the NDIS Commission.
  • Have the policies and related documents for the new service prepared well before the audit.
  • Familiarise yourself with the provisions in the policy so that you are audit ready
  • Send the policy documents to the auditor well ahead of the audit and if it is a new application attach your policies with the application. This minimises queries at the mandatory audit that follows and reduces audit time and thereby costs.


Do reach out to me for an obligation free discussion should you require assistance in this regard.

Facilitrade has been busy advising its clients on challenges faced by NDIS providers and how best to overcome them e.g.  the importance of regular internal audit to overcome compliance breaches and carrying out effective audit meetings.

On a more general note we’ve briefed new providers on the advantages of email marketing. Did you know that email marketing results in higher engagement rates than social media? Industry statistics show that 30% access emails versus only 5% on social media.



New Item Added to Funded Supports

For NDIS participants with psychosocial support needs in July 2020 NDIS introduced a new item to their funded support list, known as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. A recovery coach can support you with your recovery. Recovery means being able to live a purposeful and meaningful life. As this has been a new support item it has taken some time for the support to become widely available in the market. For more on this go to the NDIS fact sheet

Plans for Independent Assessments Ditched

Last week it was announced that the NDIS will not be proceeding with the controversial independent assessment model. It was intended that from 1st July 2021, to make NDIS participants and people wanting to access the scheme to undergo assessments of their disability by NDIS appointed independent assessors who are unknown to the person with disability.

Since earlier in the year, many disability advocates and organisations had been speaking against the plan, claiming it to be unfair and a means to cut costs. Currently, eligibility for the NDIS funding plans is determined by reports from medical professionals and specialists, who are often familiar with the challenges faced by their patients and have a greater understanding of their needs.

Thanks to the support mobilised and the representations made by industry groups, the NDIS has now scrapped the idea of independent assessments altogether, and disability ministers will now be working closely together to create a new model that is more fair. .

Q & A

Q: Why do NDIS approved auditors’ fees vary so much from one auditor to another?

A: Well, this is a question for which I’d like your answer from your experiences. Here are recent quotes received for one new registrant:

STAGE 1 Pre-Certification Audit (Off Site)

Auditor 1 1 Auditor 0.5 days $645

Auditor 2 1 Auditor 1.0 day $1,550

Auditor 3 1 Auditor 1.5 days $2,618

STAGE 2 Provisional Certification Audit (Audit Report Included)

Auditor 1 2 Auditors 1 day $3,870 (offsite)

Auditor 2 1 Auditor 1.5 days $2,325 (offsite)

Auditor 3 2 Auditors 2.5 days $4,282 (head office)

Keen to hear your responses.

Q: Is there a difference between ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ and ‘Choice and Control’ terms used in ND

A: ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ is the basis on which NDIA decides the types of supports that a participant is eligible for. This is based on 6 factors:


As illustrated by NDIS here, ‘Choice and Control’ on the other hand is that of the participant to decide how and when they wish to use the approved supports.


Best Wishes for a successful financial year and hope to continue to hear from you all.

Until next time,

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