Mental Health and Welfare in the Workplace

October 30, 2022

At the end of World Mental Health Awareness Month, in this month’s edition of Don’t Be Left Out of NDIS, we focus on workplace issues such as mental  health and wellbeing.


It has been quite hectic at Facilitrade with my clientele rapidly increasing in the past few months, as more and more organisations are setting up in disability services.

The frustration, however, is that the NDIS Commission is moving so slowly in approving applications for registration, even for the simplest of low-risk services. In some instances the wait has been over 14 months.

If you are in the same boat, we are keen to know what your experience has been.

Mental Health Month

October being Mental Health Month with World Mental Health Day on 10 October, you would have seen a lot of information floating around.

Mental Health AwarenessA good organisation to connect with your Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) is Benestar. They have a range of confidential and professional support to enhance your wellbeing. They come highly recommended by a government organisation that I am currently working with.

Their health services include EAP, Critical Incident Response and Organisational Development. Benestar also hosts webinars on how to contribute to a mentally safe culture as an individual.

Their website has some very useful information which addresses issues frequently faced by organisations and individuals. Strongly advise you to check them out if you have not already engaged with a similar provider.


True diversity in the governing body of the NDIA.

Finally, people with lived experience of disability are at the helm of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The Labour Party who introduced the National Disability Insurance Scheme, in September 2022 appointed Australian Paralympic legend and disability advocate Kurt Fearnley AO, as the new chair of the board of NDIA.

Two new board members, Dr Graeme Innes AM and Ms Maryanne Diamond AO have been appointed, as well as the former chair Dr Denis Napthine AO has been reappointed. There are now five people with disability on the NDIA board, including current members Leah van Poppel and Meredith Allan, the largest number in its history.

New NDIS board

The Minister for NDIS, Bill Shorten said “having more people with disability in leadership positions will pivot the Scheme and rebuild trust with the disability sector”.

There’s more in the name of diversity……For the first time we have a female permanent CEO in NDIA’s history. It is Rebecca Falkingham who is well known for her extensive background and leadership in government and social policy and strong professional insight into the barriers faced by the disability community.  She is a Public Service Medal winner for “outstanding public service through innovative policy design and service delivery of public service reform in Victoria”.

Well, we can certainly do with improvements to overcome some major challenges and frustrations providers and participants face daily with the Scheme. We require easier to navigate processes, more efficient processing of registration applications and customer issues being resolved speedily with real understanding.

Let’s hope that this diversity in the top levels of the Scheme and NDIA will bring about more effective and positive outcomes for participants and providers alike.

Facilitrade NDIS is not only about assisting to navigate compliance issues in the disability sector but also about creating greater awareness about the inequities in this sector so that solutions can be promoted.

Happy reading and as always, please reach out if you’d like to air your thoughts on these topics or wish to contribute.

Warm Regards,


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