November 29, 2021

In this issue of Don’t Be Left Out of NDIS we focus on employees’ psychological health and psychosocial risk factors and also highlight some key regulatory changes providers must comply with. These are changes resulting from the Disability Royal Commission’s findings.


Diligent Care Completes 1 Year

One of my early clients, Diligent Care, who I helped set up as a disability service provider celebrated its first anniversary last month. Despite the COVID-19 related challenges since their inception, they say they’ve been able to achieve beyond their expectations.


Congratulations, CEO Shantha and team for your tailored respite and other services. Your Eager Explorers weekend program, focussing on your participants’ psychosocial needs, is a real stand out!

Click this image for Diligent Care’s celebration video and more on their services.

Psychological Health and Psychosocial Risk Factors

This has become a priority for many of our clients as workers return to normal work at the workplace. Workplace psychosocial risk factors such as working relationships with colleagues, supervisors, travel to work and to deliver support services, additional COVID-safe work practices and organisational change are affecting many workers’ psychological response to their work.

Where participants are concerned the isolation from family and restricted socialising in general have caused more and more participants to need psychosocial supports. Many of Facilitrade’s clients who are disability service providers have started providing this service to participants.

Should you be interested in delivering this support, the best guide is Table 4 of The NDIS Provider Registration Guide to Suitability, July 2018 which sets out the requirements for delivering psychosocial supports to people with a mental illness or mental disorder and associated psychiatric disability.

Timely Release of the World’s First Mental Health Standard: ISO 45003:2021

Organisations have faced many a challenge in the last 18 months with ever changing pandemic restrictions and the repercussions of workplace changes and reduced income suffered by employees.

The introduction of the ISO 45003:2021 standard will be a relief for organisations who are confused about how best to manage employee mental health and reduce workplace psychosocial risk both now and in the future.

Here is an excellent article by the Governance Institute of Australia, to guide you in reducing mental health risk at work.

You will also find it helpful to read what Beyond Blue’s CEO Georgie Harman has to say about the major challenges faced by NFPs during this period and suitable strategies that can be adopted to overcome these challenges. These are very relevant to non NFPs too and worth your attention.


NDIS Standards and Quality Indicators Updated to Ensure Safer Supports

As an existing NDIS service provider you’d be aware that new NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators came into effect on 15 November 2021.

What does this mean for you as an existing provider?

You need to amend and update your policy documents in the following areas as applicable to your business, by the dates provided below and to be able to pass your next NDIS audit:

If you have commenced an NDIS application to renew your registration but have not been audited (as meeting the applicable NDIS Practice Standards and other requirements) as of 15 November 2021, the new NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators will apply to you.

Contact Facilitrade NDIS to understand the new outcomes and performance indicators and to update your policy documents.


Q: How is Facilitrade Different from Other NDIS Compliance Service Providers?

Facilitrade’s principal has a multi-disciplinary background and able to focus on providing holistic assistance to all clients. We ensure that we are with you in every step of the way. This is through the following steps:

We differentiate ourselves from fellow competitors, by being a one-stop shop for establishing NDIS businesses; developing service and marketing strategies; assisting with NDIS policies, self-assessment and registration, along with ongoing compliance work.

Backed with relevant qualifications in governance, risk management, compliance,  marketing, quality assurance and extensive sector experience, Facilitrade has the capacity and capability to go above and beyond in providing high-quality and tailored services for its clients.

Hence, Facilitrade is your best bet. Contact us and you will not be disappointed!

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